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Jake Cone is the owner of Orange Production Solutions, he is on the board of Tailgating for a Cause, and he is a long-time Insurefit RM client.  We take care of his business, the non-profit, and his personal insurance needs.


Jake met Sharon’ in Nashville in 2018.  Sharon is from Israel and she went back shortly after they met.  The two stayed in touch. They determined that they had to have a proper date.

February of 2020, they jetted off to London, England. This is where they had their first official date.  That trip proved to Jake and Sharon’ that they were meant for each other.   It was not long after that that Jake decided it was time.  He went to a local jeweler and picked the perfect ring.


As soon as Jake picked up the ring, his first call was to Insurefit RM to make sure it was covered.  We love that we were able to be there for Jake!  WE LOVE BEING A PART OF HIS TEAM!  We love being a part of your team too!


How have we been part of your team?  Is there anything we can do?  Is there a story you want us to share? If so, email  Teresa is our official storyteller.



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